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Our mission is to empower our clients to make money-saving decisions by taking on an active role with their finances through transparency and education.


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Travis Tandy | CEO & Founder

I’m a professional accountant and I love what I do. I get to help people make solid financial choices and reduce clients’ stress as we tackle their financials and taxes, and complete business filings.

For over 20 years, I’ve ditched the fancy suit and given no-nonsense, straight-up money talk and tax assistance to individuals, small business owners, and corporate execs.

Tax return preparation is one of my sweet spots. But accountants don’t just talk numbers and wear fancy suits. At least I don’t. Yes, I’m a numbers guy—I love them, they’re great—but I also want to get to know my clients and show them where their money is (big emphasis on where).

In other words, get back to the straightforward, attentive financial discussions clients want to have. Because, let’s face it, knowing how much money you have and yes, where it is can empower you to take on an active role with your finances (some pretty awesome stuff). This is why I make monthly review board meetings mandatory for corporate clients and give all my clients a level of attention large firms simply can’t do. So you have the time to ask all the questions you want, no time constraint (well, hours after closing may be pushing it, but you get my point).

If you want some straight-up tax talk about your personal, small business, and/or corporate taxes hit the contact button on the top right.

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Let’s talk taxes and create a sound money-saving strategy for you and your business!

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Meet the Team

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