At Tandy Consulting, we take your business just as seriously as you do and, because of that, we don't provide walk-in services.  

The reason behind this is simple: when we're meeting with you to achieve your desired goals, we want to provide you with the undivided attention that you, and your business, deserve. 

We don't believe in rushing you out the door to move on to the next client. Your business is important to us and we will treat it that way. 

Contact us today by phone, text, or email to experience the Tandy Consulting difference today!

Professional Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting


We never forget at Tandy Consulting that successful bookkeeping is a cornerstone of your business and your home’s health and success.


When we come on board to handle your accounting needs, we make it our first priority to simplify your life through clear and timely communication, an unrivaled attention to detail, and helpful customer service. 

QuickBooks Pro Shop


QuickBooks Purchasing, Support, Clean Up, Payroll, Merchant Services and more.

Tax Services


We’re dedicated to our clients and we've represented them in audits with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, the Board of Equalization, the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board, the Employment Development Department and out of state Department of Revenue divisions. 

This keeps us current on tax law - we’re always ready to represent you in the toughest situations. 

Payroll Services


Intuit Payroll, Gusto Payroll, ADP Payroll, 1099 Filing, and In-House Payroll Services

Advisory Services and Accounting


Financial Statement Analysis, internal process check-up, monthly financial review boards.

CFO Services


We will work with you to to develop a successful, and profitable, strategy for your business. 

No more long hours poring over financial data when you should be focusing on what matters most: growing your business. 

We're available to you when you need us most - no matter the time of year.